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Our Story

Drinks are our obsession, as is making the perfect cup. Tea and coffee are more than drinks; They enrich our lives and are an ingrained part of our culture. We’ve made it our mission to get you the finest ingredients and equip you with the tools to make them sing. We make the effort, so you don’t have to.

When you need that moment of escape, you’ll find it in every one of our cups. Each cup should be an experience, aromas evoking memories of that special place, a simpler time. We will take you there.

Our coffee ships straight from the roaster, ensuring you enjoy the best coffee drinking experience. With the finest speciality grade beans and a wide variety of flavour profiles, you will find a coffee to meet your needs.

Blended in Australia, our tea, chocolates, and latte powders contain the finest ingredients and no artificial flavouring. We are growing our range to ensure you can make the perfect cup wherever you are.

Join the Cup Culture family and let us know what you think!